Dental Scaling and Polishing


Scaling and polishing are essential non-surgical dental procedures aimed at maintaining oral health and enhancing the appearance of teeth.

Scaling is a professional technique used to remove tartar buildup from teeth. Dental professionals employ both hand and power-driven instruments to meticulously remove tartar, effectively flushing out harmful bacteria. This procedure also helps eliminate superficial stains present on the enamel surface.

Polishing, often recommended after scaling, is another non-surgical dental procedure. It serves to remove any remaining stains following scaling, resulting in smoother tooth surfaces and revealing the teeth’s natural color.

Together, scaling and polishing contribute to overall oral health by preventing tartar buildup and addressing aesthetic concerns:

1. Scaling: This procedure is essential for preventing the accumulation of tartar, which can lead to gum disease and other dental issues. By removing tartar and bacteria, scaling helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

2. Polishing: Polishing enhances the visual appeal of teeth by eliminating stains and creating a smoother tooth surface. This procedure not only improves the aesthetics of the smile but also facilitates easier cleaning and maintenance.

Scaling and polishing are typically performed as part of regular dental check-ups and cleanings, helping individuals maintain excellent oral hygiene and achieve a vibrant and healthy smile.

At Absolute Aesthetics, our dedicated dental professionals specialize in these vital dental procedures, offering personalized care to ensure your oral health and the beauty of your smile. With our expertise, you can experience the benefits of a clean, refreshed, and radiant smile.

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