Otoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting deformities and defects of the external ear, also known as the pinna. This procedure is not only used to address congenital conditions but also to reconstruct external ears that may be defective, deformed, or even absent due to congenital factors or trauma.

The skilled surgeon performs otoplasty by meticulously correcting the defect or deformity, resulting in the creation of an external ear that closely mimics the natural proportions, contours, and appearance. This transformation is achieved through a combination of techniques that involve reshaping, repositioning, and augmenting the cartilaginous support framework of the pinna.

Otoplasty offers individuals the opportunity to improve the appearance and functionality of their external ears, enhancing both aesthetics and self-confidence. The procedure is highly personalized, with the surgeon tailoring the approach to meet each patient’s unique needs and goals.

At Absolute Aesthetics, our experienced surgeons specialize in otoplasty procedures, offering compassionate and comprehensive care to help individuals achieve the desired look and functionality of their external ears. With our expertise, you can experience the transformative potential of otoplasty and enjoy the benefits of a more natural and harmonious appearance.

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