Diode Laser Hair Removal


The diode laser hair removal treatment relies on the principle of selective photothermal decomposition. This innovative approach harnesses the power of laser energy, emitted by the machine, which is readily absorbed by the pigmented hair follicles without causing harm to the surrounding epidermal tissue.

As the laser energy is absorbed by both the hair and the pigment within the hair follicle, it undergoes a transformation into heat. This gradual increase in temperature effectively targets the hair follicle. When the temperature reaches a critical threshold, the hair follicle becomes irreversibly damaged, disrupting its original environment and leading to the complete removal of the hair.

At Absolute Aesthetics, our diode laser hair removal treatments are designed with precision and safety in mind. This cutting-edge technology ensures effective and long-lasting hair reduction while safeguarding the health of your skin. Experience the benefits of diode laser hair removal and say goodbye to unwanted hair with confidence.

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